About us

Home Shrine Icons is a labour of love. First and foremost of course is the love of God. Iconography unites all the elements of creation to sing His praises. The products of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms are employed by the hand and mind of man to portray spiritual realities. The name Home Shrine Icons was chosen to indicate our desire that these images might be used as aids to the prayers of individuals and families through out their daily lives.

Secondly comes love of the great beauty passed on as our inheritance by the traditions of the church. Iconography is an ancient art form, informed by the doctrines of the church. Many traditional subjects have been written in the same manner by countless iconographers throughout history. Icons do not just portray Beauty but also Truth and Goodness and help raise the heart and mind to God, which is prayer.

Finally, Home Shrine Icons is a product of familial love. We are proud and grateful for the talent and work of our father, the iconographer behind these prints, Frank C. Turner. Each icon is the result of countless hours of prayerful effort and made with love for the particular individual or church who commissioned it.Frank’s icons are a special gift to those who receive them and we wish to share this blessing with you.